August 15 - 20 2022, Maarten's The Mostest Colour

had a successful run at the famous Edinburgh Fringe.

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A son without a father and a father without a son.


The chronicle of the brittle friendship between a Māori boy and his Dutchman-mentor. Their cultures and characters so very different, they embark on an improbable journey full of conflict but also with amazing moments of grace, when they succeed to connect over the devide and truly see who the other is. Braided into this narrative is a visually enhanced contemplation on how a father tries to outsmart death, and what price he —and his son— pay for it. 


Captivating. Touching. Thought-provoking. That is how audiences in the Netherlands have characterized The Mostest Colour. This summer, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the English version received wonderfully positive reviews:

  • "The Mostest Colour is a gently evocative exploration of an attempt at friendship across the generations.  It is a quiet, understated exploration of masculinity, its brittleness and constraints. I was moved by the kindnesses at the heart of it, by the potential for human goodness that it probes. Maarten Mourik captures the charms of childhood innocence and vulnerability, made all the more poignant by the undertow of darkness and violence that, in the end, will thwart the unfolding relationship at the heart of the story. I was enthralled. Its decency and kindnesses still resonate with me." (Allan Little, BBC Scotland)

  • " unusual type of show - but an enjoyable and rewarding one..." (FringeGuru)
  • "Lyrically written with evocative imagery..." (FringeBiscuit)
  • " enthralling speaker and he narrates the two stories with heart. I left feeling I'd connected not just with him, but with the young boy he speaks of..." (The Wee Review)
  • "I highly recommend this monologue show!" (St Andrews)


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  • Pre-production of Popov, a rhymed stage play about an aging dictator whose powers are fleeing him. 

The Mostest COlour

Amsterdam run, 2021



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